Your family deserves a non-toxic home.

Pure as Love carefully curates baby products that are toxic free and eco-friendly to help you create a safe and healthy home for your baby.

When we realized our son had some early developmental challenges, we started intensive research on possible causes and how we can provide the safest, optimal environment for his continued development. We were astonished to find how many chemicals and toxins are present in everyday baby items and their dangerous effects on babies’ development. What was even more alarming was the lack of a dedicated resource with clear information on these chemicals. When we started researching, we also found many retailers did not have a list of products that were chemical/toxic free and safe for babies and could not answer basic questions about the materials used in manufacturing baby products. With overwhelming evidence of the role chemicals like Phthalates, BPA, BPS, formaldehyde, lead paints, pesticides, PVC, perfumes, toxic dyes, etc.) plays in developments issues, we embarked on a mission to eliminate exposure and completely revamped our nursery and home with safer, toxic free products.

We created Pure as Love from the countless hours of research we conducted and our newfound passion for educating parents on these chemicals and preventing toxics from causing development problems in their babies. We’ve created a team of passionate parents and advocates to carefully research and vet all products listed on our site to make it a bit easier for you to select products that are safe and whenever possible stylish for your little ones.

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